A teacher reads to a group of young children

Welcome to Reading Recovery

We are a literacy intervention program that provides intensive, individual instruction for the children with the lowest reading performance in first grade.

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The Benefits

  • Provides intensive and comprehensive instruction that is responsive to student needs.
  • Provides a system-wide, short term, high rated early intervention.
  • Provides an effective Response to Intervention (RtI) approach.
  • Provides accelerated progress for at risk students.
  • Provides exceptional professional learning that improves teacher quality and performance.
  • Provides for increased student outcomes.
  • Provides benefits for the whole school.

The Program

Every educator knows that investing in the expertise of teachers is the definitive factor for improving student learning outcomes (Elmore, 2002; Hattie, 2003; Rowe, 2003). Reading Recovery is a short-term, highly-rated intervention that gets results for students and provides exceptional professional development that improves teacher quality and performance. Just click to learn more about Reading Recovery and companion programs offered by the Georgia State University Reading Recovery Regional Training Center.